Seafood paella, sans pork

Posted: October 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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paellaPaella is one of those recipes you make when you’re trying to show off.  I made this one off of the America’s Test Kitchen recipe one night that we were having friends over. I thought, how difficult can a rice dish be? Jimmy added, “And paella is great because you can fish for a ton of goodies in the mix!”  While this particular dish turned out to be as easy (though multiple-step intensive) and successful as I had hoped, I learned later from Top Chef that rice is considered one of the most volatile ingredients, and thus one of the most difficult dishes to perfect. Lucky for me, I was oblivious, and oblivion breeds confidence.

I didn’t make many changes to the America’s Test Kitchen recipe, except for subbing the chorizo for red pepper infused chicken sausage, since I don’t eat pork. I imagine the pork version tastes better, because the recipe mentioned cooking the rice ingredients in the chorizo fat, and my little chicken sausages didn’t have any fat to share. Still a delicious recipe, though I would probably add chiles or chicken bouillon to give it the kick that not having chorizo made it lack.

TIP: Saffron is fairly expensive in the grocery store; mine was selling it in the spice aisle for $15 per ten threads. If you have a big Arab population in your area, try the local Arab grocery stores instead. Mine sold a smaller tin can for just $5 a tin since he had gotten it straight from Morocco.


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