Chicken noodle soup

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dating someone for the first time can be very exciting, and dating Jimmy in New York City was especially so: there was always a new bar we could try out, a new concert we could see, a party we could attend – the world was our oyster, or at least NYC was. But of the dates that we went on during our Early Years, one the most memorable might have been the night that I knew I would be coming home at 9:30 pm, tired and run down working a full day. Usually, that would either mean meeting up late at a dive bar or just passing on meeting up altogether. However that night, I wanted neither. I was too tired to go out, but I wanted to see him. Not wanting to be the bore who suggested just renting a movie, I texted something along the lines of, “I’m really tired and won’t be much fun. It might make more sense to meet tomorrow.” I wasn’t trying to be passive-aggressive. I was just too tired to come up with an alternative that might interest him as much as it would satisfy my exhaustion. He texted back something along the lines of, “That’s ok! Just come to my place and I’ll have dinner waiting for you.” My heart fluttered. That night, I got to his place, and I walked upstairs to the living room to find two plates next to each other: two chicken quesadillas stuffed with mushrooms, still hot from the stove. As we sat next to each other, doing nothing but talking about the day over our late home-made dinner, I remember thinking, “How can life get any better than this?”

Last night, Jimmy reminded me of that moment when he insisted on cooking dinner for us – chicken noodle soup. Unlike me, he actually followed the recipe from America’s Test Kitchen word for word, which you can get here, and it was incredible. There’s nothing like cooking a hot bowl of comfort made made by someone else to make you feel loved.

Note: It really does make a difference to make the broth from scratch!

chicken noodle soup

  1. xstarbuckx says:

    You reminded me that I was supposed to make chicken noodle soup this week and forgot! Now, I’m hungry… 😉

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