Turkey spinach lasagna

Posted: October 1, 2014 in Italian, pasta
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My husband bowed, “Pleased to meet you, Lasagna.” 

My lasagna replied, “Charred, I’m sure.”

I love a good pun. That one, not so good, but it kept me in good spirits as I served my slightly burnt but otherwise delicious lasagna to Jimmy for dinner.

Lasagna is an easy dish to master, I’ve been told, but for some reason, I have yet to make it perfectly. The first few times was due to a bad recipe. This time the malfunction was entirely my fault: the timer went ding, and I kept watching youtube, thinking, “oh, mozarella tastes better a little crispy anyway.” Other than that, though, a success, so we can just chalk up the burnt cheese to details.

Recipe from here, though I replaced the tomato sauce with pasta sauce with Italian seasoning, added more salt (sprinkle here and there!) and added half a cup of grated parmesan to the spinach ricotta mixture for some je ne sais quoi umami bounce.


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